An Interview With Kerryn Tolhurst

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Kerryn Tolhurst
From The Vault: An Interview Kerryn Tolhurst

In this video interview from the vault, Steve talks to Australian musician songwriter/producer Kerryn Tolhurst.

A formidable presence in Australian folk, rock and roots music since the late 1960s, Kerryn Tolhurst has earned a reputation in his homeland and in North America as a distinctive and eloquent musician, a chart-topping songwriter, and a producer of note. Kerryn sprang to national attention in the 1970s as a defining member of Country Radio and The Dingoes. He penned top 40 hits "All Fired Up" for Pat Benetar, Man in the Middle for LRB, and memorable Australian hit "Way Out West"

The video was recorded in 2010 at the Basement Sydney and features live footage of Kerryn with the Dingoes.


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