ISSUE #100 - NOV / DEC 2013

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Welcome to the Australian Guitar Magazine CD.

It's the magazine's 100th issue and to celebrate we have designed a brand new interface for our covermount CD ROM.

Each issue we still bring you video interviews with Australian and International artists and sample tracks, guitar video tutorials and style studies complete with tab and backing tracks. There's also information on some of the latest guitar gear, and we have some great new features to be added in the coming months.

In the extras section you will find the tab and audio files that support the tutorials published in the printed magazine.

We welcome comments and feedback, follow the link at the foot of the page.

Enjoy ...

Black Label Interview
an interview with blues/rock artist Wolf Mail

Wolf's first break came when he was asked to tour Europe and to support Robben Ford. A string of European tour dates followed, including requests to tour in Japan, Australia, Russia and Scandinavia. Six albums later ....
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Lloyd Spiegel Interview
an interview with Marko Tamayo

One of today's leading South American guitarists and of the most accomplished and sought-after classical guitarists of his generation, Marco Tamayo was and is praised for his brilliant technique, artistry and exceptionally warm tone and expressive interpretations on the guitar. Marko recently arrived in Australian to take up a position with The Conservertorium of Music.
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Sydney Classical Guitars
Sydney Classical Guitars

Sydney Classical guitars is a brand new store in Sydney that has recently opened and specialises in nylon string guitars.
We visited the store's proprietor, classical guitarist Rob McMullan, and found a big range of classical guitars to suit beginners through to the most serious professional - all in one store !
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Slide Guitar with Steve Flack SLIDE GUITAR WITH STEVE FLACK

Steve presents an ongoing series covering slide guitar techniques. Includes backing tracks and tab.This segment is a Jeff Beck style study.
Slide Guitar

Masters oif Rock with Steve Flack MASTERS OF ROCK WITH STEVE FLACK

Each issue Steve presents a tutorial based on the style of a "Master of Rock Guitar". Included are backing tracks and tablature.
Masters of Rock

Improvising with Steve Flack IMPROVISING WITH STEVE FLACK

A question often asked is "How do you improvise?".
This issue is part 3 in the Style of the song 'Doxy'. Includes tab, solo & backing tracks.
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