an interview with Quentin Elliot - Kings Of The Sun

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an interview with Quentin Elliot - Kings Of The Sun

Clifford Hoad founded the band (originally called The Young Lions) in late 1983 after putting a band together & bringing his younger brother Jeff Hoad down to Sydney from Gold Coast to take the role as the singer. The band then included Bob Spencer on guitar, Marlon Holden on bass & Clifford Hoad on drums. Cliff had met Bob Spencer (ex-Skyhooks/Finch) in Brisbane during the making of his Drouyn drum kit!

After some member changes Cliff finally renamed his band ' KINGS OF THE SUN' after seeing the movie of that name with Yul Brynner on daytime television in Sydney's Tamarama where the band resided.

The band then continued with Bob rejoining & a new bass player John McKinnon. Many changes came through to the original lineup including new guitarist recruits Tommy Poulter then Ron Thiessen from the Uncanny X-Men. Clifford's band finally settled with Glenn Morris on guitar & Anthony Ragg on bass & his younger brother Jeff on vocals & guitar.

KINGS OF THE SUN completely disbanded in 2001 after the KISS concert at Carrara showground. Clifford & Jeffrey produced 3 more albums under the guise of The Rich & Famous which also disbanded in 2009.

In 2010, Clifford Hoad picked up from where he left off now alone forming a new KINGS OF THE SUN band, featuring Quentin Elliot on lead guitar, and producing a highly anticipated new album in March of 2013 featuring himself as the lead singer of the band.


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