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NEW - Ernie Ball M-Steel Strings
... inceased output, frequency response & strength.

Ernie Ball's M-Steel electric guitar strings are unlike anything you've played before.

Short for maraging steel—an extremely strong alloy used in high-stress applications in the aerospace and defense industries—M-Steel wound strings are comprised of Ernie Ball's patented Super Cobalt alloy wrapped around a maraging steel hex core, producing a richer, fuller tone with powerful low-end response.

M-Steel plain strings are made from a specially tempered steel for maximum fatigue resistance, resulting in a louder, stronger string. A patented winding of steel around the ball end of M-Steel plain strings reduces slippage, resists breakage and stays in tune better than conventional plain strings.

The loudest, most expressive strings ever created, M-Steel strings provide increased output, frequency response and strength.

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Ernie Ball M-Steel Strings

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