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The holiday season is a great time to relax and sit back with a good book. This issue we feature interviews "From The Vault" with two renowned Australian bass players, with something in common - both have penned and published tell-all books. 

Steve talks to Mark Evans (ex AC/DC) about his book ‘Dirty Deeds’ and Bob Daisley (who hasn’t he played with) ‘For Facts Sake’. Check out the interviews and if you haven’t already, grab a copy of the books, both are entertaining and very insightful reads.

In the extras section you will find the tab and audio files that support the tutorials published in the printed magazine. Back issue videos, interviews and tutorials, can be found at

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Bob Daisley
an interview with BOB DAISLEY

Steve talks to Australian bassist and lyricist Bob Daisley about his tell-all book 'For Facts Sake'.
Bob has written and performed and recorded with some of the worlds most renowned rock bands including Rainbow, Uriah Heep, Widowmaker, Blizzard of Ozz (Ozzy Osbourne), Black Sabbath, Gary Moore Band, and many more.
View Video ...»

Mark Evans
An Interview With MARK EVANS

A few days after his 19th birthday, rock and roll lover and bass player Mark Evans wandered into his local to check out the band - and his life would never be the same again. Two days later he was playing his first show as bass player with AC/DC; ¬†within a week he was on Countdown, rocking out next to wildman Bon Scott, who was dressed as a pigtailed, cigarette-smoking schoolgirl - and waving a mallet - and Angus who was - of course - decked out as a schoolboy. And all for the princely wage of $60 a week! View Video ... »

Slide Guitar with Steve Flack SLIDE GUITAR WITH STEVE FLACK

Steve presents an ongoing series covering slide guitar techniques. Inc. backing tracks and tab. This issue is Pt2 of a 'Rose Tattoo' style study.
Slide Guitar

Masters oif Rock with Steve Flack MASTERS OF ROCK WITH STEVE FLACK

Each issue Steve presents a tutorial based on the style of a "Master of Rock Guitar". Included are backing tracks and tablature.
Masters of Rock

Improvising with Steve Flack IMPROVISING WITH STEVE FLACK

A question often asked is "How do you improvise?".
This issue is Part 2 in the style of the tune 'I Can't Get Started'. Includes tab, solo & backing tracks.
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