ISSUE #120 - MARCH / APRIL 2017

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In each issue we bring you video interviews with Australian and International artists, sample tracks, guitar video tutorials and style studies complete with tablature and backing tracks. There's also information on some of the latest guitar gear.

In the extras section you will find the tab and audio files that support the tutorials published in the printed magazine. Back issue videos, interviews and tutorials, can be found at

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Bob Daisley
an interview with Kris Petersen

With a degree from AIM (Australian Institute of Music) and over 20 years as a professional musician, Kris has toured nationally and internationally with some of the best original, cover and concept acts that Australia has to offer. He was also guitarist and a founding member of the rock band SYNDICATE and has recently designed a complete guitar tutorial series for the Lick Factory.
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Mark Evans
An Interview With Remco Mayer - Mayer Guitars

In this video Steve Flack talks to Remco Mayer about his custom built guitars. Remco is a touring guitar technician, as well as a luthier, and produces his custom guitars from his workshop in Brisbane. He has some very unique ideas and approaches to guitar building.

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Slide Guitar with Steve Flack SLIDE GUITAR WITH STEVE FLACK

Steve presents an ongoing series covering slide guitar techniques. Inc. backing tracks and tab. This issue is Pt3 of a 'Rose Tattoo' style study.
Slide Guitar

Masters oif Rock with Steve Flack MASTERS OF ROCK WITH STEVE FLACK

Each issue Steve presents a tutorial based on the style of a "Master of Rock Guitar". Included are backing tracks and tablature.
Masters of Rock

Improvising with Steve Flack IMPROVISING WITH STEVE FLACK

A question often asked is "How do you improvise?".
This issue is Part 3 in the style of the tune 'I Can't Get Started'. Includes tab, solo & backing tracks.
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