An Interview With John & Rick Brewster - The Angels

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An Interview With John & Rick Brewster - The Angels Pt1

In this video interview Steve Flack talks to brothers John and Rick Brewster, founding members of legendary Australian rock band The Angels.

The Angels were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in October 1998 with the line-up of Bailey, John and Rick Brewster, Eccles and Neeson. Australian musicologist, Ian McFarlane, declared that "The Angels had a profound effect on the Australian live music scene of the late 1970s/early 1980s. [They] helped redefine the Australian pub rock tradition... [their] brand of no-frills, hard-driving boogie rock attracted pub goers in unprecedented numbers. In turn, The Angels' shows raised the standard expected of live music. After 20 years on the road, the band showed little sign of easing up on the hard rock fever."

The Angels have covered a lot of ground in their career and now they’re heading out on the road to showcase the best bits of it! (From oct 2017). Celebrating their most recent album release – Brothers Angels & Demons – a collection of their greatest works, the band are getting ready to do what they do best, pack out rooms and play some awesome, loud and unforgettable rock! In what marks almost five decades of rock, the band celebrated with a tell-all biography, penned by industry alumnae Bob Yates, The Angels, giving an insight into the behind-the-scenes happening of the iconic band. And what a five decades it has been – The Angels are still rockin’ harder than ever.

The Brothers, Angels & Demons tour will complement the recently released double album – showcasing audience favourites and some rarities. “The Angels has always been about playing our music live,” says John Brewster. “This show will encompass some aspects that aren’t always a part of the show, like Rick [Brewster] playing some keyboards, some acoustic performances and the odd special guest. These shows will knock the fans out.”

One of the exciting things about the upcoming tour is that it features hand-picked special guests for each show – bands who have been a special part of The Angels’ story over the years. The tour includes guest performances on select shows by Diesel, Rose Tattoo, MI-SEX and Hitmen DTK, as well as the Dave Wilson Band. “We have reached a moment in time when we are celebrating the whole journey,” says John. “These bands are part of that journey. It just seems right to include them in our, and the fans’, celebration.”


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