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In each issue we bring you video interviews with Australian and International artists, sample tracks, guitar video tutorials and style studies complete with tablature and backing tracks. There's also information on some of the latest guitar gear, and we have some great new features to be added in the coming issues.

If you have not already, check out the new tutorial segment "Unplugged by Arrangement" where Steve Flack demonstrates one of his unacompanied arangements for guitar.

In the extras section you will find the tab and audio files that support the tutorials published in the printed magazine. Back issue videos, interviews and tutorials, can be found at

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Luke O'Shea
an interview with Luke O'Shea

Luke O’Shea has grown into being one of Australia’s most respected country singer songwriters. Renowned for his storytelling and powerful live shows, multi award winner Luke O’Shea, along with his band Medicine Wheel, have a unique, yet classic Australian sound. As a guitarist / songwriter he draws inspiration from the unique and everyday characters he meets.
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Mark Punch
An Interview With MArk Punch

Mark Punch is a guitarist, singer and songwriter who started playing in bands after leaving school in the early '70s. After a couple years, he joined a band that featured a young singer, Richard Kaal, who had a recording deal with EMI, and producer Rod Coe. This was the beginning of a long career of playing with most, if not all, of the major singers of the last 35 years in Australia. He continues to do so today.
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Slide Guitar with Steve Flack SLIDE GUITAR WITH STEVE FLACK

Steve presents an ongoing series covering slide guitar techniques. Inc. backing tracks and tab. This segment is a David Lindley style study.
Slide Guitar

Masters oif Rock with Steve Flack MASTERS OF ROCK WITH STEVE FLACK

Each issue Steve presents a tutorial based on the style of a "Master of Rock Guitar". Included are backing tracks and tablature.
Masters of Rock

Improvising with Steve Flack IMPROVISING WITH STEVE FLACK

A question often asked is "How do you improvise?".
This issue is part 4 in the style of the song 'Take 5'. Includes tab, solo & backing tracks.
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