DV MARK Multiamp

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DV Mark Multiamp
One System For All Your Gigs

DV Mark’s new Multiamp head combines professional quality guitar amplifier and speaker cabinet models with studio class effects and a very powerful yet lightweight 500 Watt power amplifier.

Already hailed by Spain’s Guitarist Magazine as “Product of the Year”, this rack-mountable preamp/effects processor/power amp is the perfect all-in-one solution for contemporary guitarists.

The Multiamp can be used in stereo or mono: 500w RMS in bridged mono mode, or 250w RMS per side in stereo into 4 ohms.

The rear panel offers DI and line outputs, as well as an external effects loop, MIDI sockets, and a USB-port.
Patches can be loaded to and from the included SD memory card and shared with other users around the world.

Designed with user-friendliness as a primary consideration, the Multiamp is fast to get up an running.
Most importantly, the Multiamp reacts to changes in guitar level and player dynamics like any analog amplifier/speaker combination – providing a variety of sought after amp and FX tones at the touch of a footswitch, whether connected to guitar speakers, PA or a studio console.

Input: 1 jack mono
Outputs: 2 jack mono (left/mono,right) / 2 XLR male (left/mono,right)
Channels: three (clean, crunch, lead)
Controls: gain - presence - level - master
EQ Controls: bass - mid - high
Power Amp (solid state): 150+150W@8ohm / 250W+250W@4ohm / 500W@8ohm (in bridge mode)
MIDI connections: in - through
Virtual amps
Speaker cabs and microphones
External memory (SD card)
Dimensions: 2U standard rack - depth 12.76”/324 mm
Weight: 9.48 lbs / 4.3 kg

DV MARK Multiamp



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$3195 500w Stereo Power Amp
$2295 Stereo Multiamp w/ 250w Mono Power Amp

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