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free guitar, interview, performance videos free guitar tutorial video, tab & backing tracks What's Hot product reviews and demo video
free guitar, interview, performance videos free guitar tutorial video, tab & backing tracks What's Hot product reviews and demo video

Over 100 exclusive interviews and live performances with Australian and International guitarists and artists.

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Updated: May 2016
What's new on Guitar Heroes
Australian Guitar Magazine
CD ROM Back Issues now Online

We are now featuring Australian Guitar Magazine cover-mount CD ROM content as it appears on the CD. Video content/tutorials are still accessible via the usual links.

Guitar Heroes Vol 1 & Vol.2 Available Online

Steve Flack's Guitar Heroes Albums are available here online.

Produced by one of Australia’s most tasteful and understated “guitar heroes" Dennis Wilson, Vol 2 features Bill Chambers, Phil Emmanuel, Bob Daisley, Stuie French, Dennis Wilson, Rick Fenn, Michelle Rose, Jim Kelly Jake Lardot and Tina Harrod with Angry Anderson and many more.

Vol 3 will be available here soon.

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The Latest Interviews on Guitar Heroes:

An Interview with Harry Brus  NEW !! 
Video: An Interview with Harry Brus Pt1
In this two part interview, Steve Flack talks to renowned Australian bass player Harry Brus who takes us on a journey through a career that spans almost five decades and saw him perform with many of Australia’s best musicians and artists.
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An Interview with 8 Ball Aitken  NEW !! 
Video: An Interview with 8 Ball Aitken

8 Ball Aitken has been described as the redneck preacher at the shotgun wedding between country and blues. It doesn’t matter which part of the family you’re from -- what does matter is the funky foot-stomping hullaballoo at the all-night party afterwards.
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An Interview with Stu Marshall  NEW !! 
Video: An Interview with Mark Punch
Mark Punch is a guitarist, singer and songwriter who started playing in bands after leaving school in the early '70s. After a couple years, he joined a band that featured a young singer, Richard Kaal, who had a recording deal with EMI, and producer Rod Coe. This was the beginning of a long career of playing with most, if not all, of the major singers of the last 35 years in Australia. He continues to do so today.
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An Interview with Luke O'Shea  NEW !! 
Video: An Interview with Luke O'Shea

Luke O’Shea has grown into being one of Australia’s most respected country singer songwriters. Renowned for his storytelling and powerful live shows, multi award winner Luke O’Shea, along with his band Medicine Wheel, have a unique, yet classic Australian sound. As a guitarist / songwriter he draws inspiration from the unique and everyday characters he meets.
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Sydney Classical Guitars Video: Sydney Classical Guitars
Sydney Classical guitars is a brand new store in Sydney that specialises in nylon string guitars. We visited the store's proprietor, classical guitarist Rob McMullan, and found a big range of classical guitars to suit beginners through to the most serious professional - all in one store !
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An Interview with Tim Farris INXS POPULAR !! 
Video: An Interview with Tim Farris INXS
Over 30 million records sold worldwide including number ones in 4 different continents and a performance history of some 4,000 live shows to over 25 million people in almost 50 countries underlines the fact that, as well as establishing themselves as Australia’s all-time most successful rock band, INXS also boast a vast international following.
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Mark Evans - ACDC POPULAR !! 
Video: An Interview with Mark Evans AC/DC

Mark Evans is the original bass player from AC/DC that featured legendary vocalist Bon Scott. Steve talks to Mark about his years with AC-DC and about his new "insider" book 'Dirty Deeds'. 
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Tommy Emanuel POPULAR !! 
Video: Tommy Emmanuel Interviews

Australia's  Tommy Emmanuel is arguably one of the worlds finest guitarists. We caught up with Tommy during his Australian tour with his brother Phil.
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Stuie French POPULAR !! 
Video: An Interview with Stuie French

Stuie French has long been one of Australia's finest guitar pickers, touring and recording with all the stars of Australian country music as well as touring with his own band, the Feral Swing Katz.
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Free Guitar Tutorials Guitar Tutorials
New episodes have been added to all our tutorial pages: Masters of Rock, Slide, and Improvising section of the site.
This video series looks at the ins & outs of choosing an acoustic guitar. What you can expect for your $.
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Check out our archive of great Interviews with Australian & International Guitarists and Artists including:
Graham Gouldman (10cc)
Rick Fenn (10cc)
Dennis Wilson
Phil Manning
James Gillard
Steve Hunter
James Muller
Martin Cillia (Atlantics)
Bo Jenkins
Martin Taylor
David Hinds
Smokin Joe Robinson
Phil Emmanuel
Jimmy Lardner-Brown
Louie Shelton
Guy Strazz
John Foreman
Seymour Duncan
Kerryn Tollhurst
Richard Clapton
Tommy Emmanuel
Fess Parker (Radiators)
Stuie French
Leo Kottke
Mark Evans (AC/DC)
Ali Handal
Mick Arnold
Peter Massi
Mark Gable (Chiorboys)
Mike Weiley (Spy Vs Spy)
Gavin Qamar
Zane Banks
Black Label
Wolf Mail
Dexter Moore
Mike Price
Dave Hole
Steve Balbi (Noiseworks)
Tim Farriss INXS
Richard Charlton
Rex Goh
Reg Mombassa (Mentals)
Stu Marshall
Luke O'Shea
8 Ball Aitken
Bob Spencer (Angels, Sky Hooks)
Brad Carr (Choirboys)
Bob Daisley (Ozzie Osborne)
Grant Walsmley (ex Screaming Jets)
Mal Eastick
Dai Pritchard (Billy Thorpe, Rose Tattoo)
Jack Housden
Richard Madden
Aaron Bilbija (Daysend)
Dom Turner (Backsliders)
Carlos Juan
David Knopfler (Dire Straits)
Dan Skeed (Urban Stone)
Albert Lee
Pete Wells (Rose Tattoo)
Geordie Leach (Rose Tattoo)
Jim Kelly
Kevin Borich
Broderick Smith
Tim Cain
Redd Volkaert
Matthew Fagan
Shane Bell
Eugene 'Hide-away' Bridges
Ray Beadle
Les Gock (Hush)
Mark Tinson (Rabbit)
'Buzz' Bidstrup (Angels)
The Shanghai Taxis
Adam Tripodi
Lloyd Spiegel
Marko Tamayo
No Illuminati
Quentin Elliot (Kings of Sun)
Joseph Tawaldros
Dom Turner (Backsliders)
Tony Mitchell Sherbert
Paul Read
Paul Christie (Mondo Rock)
Adam Pringle
Mark Punch
Harry Brus
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