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Guitar Heroes Albums

Steve Flacks Guitar Heroes Vol. 2 Album

Steve Flack's Guitar Heroes Vol. 2 Album

Some of the Artists

The performers on Steve Flack’s Guitar Heroes Vol. 2 include Bill Chambers, Phil Emmanuel, Bob Daisley, Stuie French, Dennis Wilson, Rick Fenn, Michelle Rose, Jim Kelly Jake Lardot and Tina Harrod with Angry Anderson and many more.

Produced by Dennis Wilson, this album follows on from the success of the first volume released in 2007, which featured some of Australia’s finest guitarists in Ian Moss, Pete Wells, Ray Beadle and Adam Pringle, along with a variety of other well known musicians like bass players Denny Burgess and Chris Bailey, and drummer Mal Green.

The Album was released on 17th April 2009 and you can purchase here or order by email at:

Guitar Heroes Vol 2 CD
$25.00 inc postage & handling
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Vol 1 & Vol 2 for just
$40 including postage & handling

Track List:

1.  Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad
2.  Song of the Wind
3.  Jumping Jack Flash
4.  Hey Joe
5.  Bell Bottom Blues
6.  Black Magic Woman
7.  Stop breaking Down
8.  Willing
9.  Dust My Broom
10. Layla
11. Working Man Blues
12. Come On In My Kitchen
13. While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Below is a sample/preview track titled 'Dust My Broom' featuring:

Tina Harrod - Vocals
Rick Fenn - First Solo (10cc)
Dennis Wilson - Middle Solo (Kahvas Jute, Swanee)
Steve Flack - Slide Guitar, Last Solo
Bob Daisley - Bass (Kahvas Jute, Uriah Heep, Ozzie Osbourne, Gary Moore)
Mick O'Shea - Drums (Rose Tattoo)

Dust My Broom - Steve Flack's Guitar Heroes
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Steve Flack's Guitar Heroes Vol.1 Album

Features Ian Moss, Mal Green, Ray Beadle, Chris Bailey, Pete Wells, Steve King, Ron Philpott, Gordon Rytmiester, Andrew Brodie, Denny Burgess, Adam Pringle and Michael Smith.

Recorded at a variety of studios over a six month period, the album is a diverse mix of some fifteen tracks spanning country and Chicago style blues, through Duane Allman and Johnny Winter style rockers to soulful ballads.

Track List:

1.  And The Wind Cries Mary
2.  Crossroads
3.  When Duane Began To Slide
4.  Maybe I'm A Leo
5.  Statesboro Blues
6.  Don't Play Guitar
7.  Sunshine Of Your Love
8.  Mean Old World

Price: $25 inc postage & handling,you can purchase here or order by email at:

9.  Castles Made Of Sand
10. Sophisticated Cissy Strut
11. What Is And What Should Never Be
12. Wondeful Tonight
13. Third Degree
14. Crossroads
15. Shake Your Money Maker
Guitar Heroes Vol 1 CD
$25.00 inc postage & handling
Save and purchase
Vol 1 & Vol 2 for just
$40 including postage & handling
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