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Steve Flack
Colin Burgess
Drums (Masters Apprentices)
Mick O'Shea
Drums (Rose Tattoo)
Mal Green
Drums (Split Enz)
Mike Smith
Bass (The Atlantics, Scandal)
Dai Pritchard
Billy Thorpe & Rose Tattoo, view video >>
Ian Miller
John Paul Young Band
Randall Waller
Shania Twain, Avion
Phil Emmanuel
bio >> view video >>
Mal Green
Drummer - Split Enz
Phil Manning
Chain - bio >> view video >>
Brett Wood
Radio Dogs - bio >>
Jim Hocking
press release >>
Jim Conway
Back Sliders
Jim Kelly
Crossfire, Supermarket - Jim Kelly website >>
Dom Turner
Back Sliders - Dom Turner website >>
Kevin Pratt
Black Label
Angry Anderson
Rose Tattoo - vocalist - website >> view video >>
Urban Stone - view video >>
Mark Ranftl
Optic Nerve - website >>
Soulfreecity - view video >>
Illuminate Groove - view video >>
Renowned Music Teacher from The Conservatorium Highschool.
Colin Burgess
Drummer - Master's Apprentices
Adam Pringle
The Saints
Steve King
Rose Tattoo - view video >>
Chris Turner
Chris Turner Band
Bill Chambers
Dead Ringer Band, Kasey Chambers Band
Bob Spencer
The Angels, Skyhooks, Choir Boys view video >>
Seymore Duncan
the one-and-only that makes those great pick-ups! view video >>
Kevin Borich
website .. >> view video >>
Brad Carr
Choir Boys view video >>
Ray Beadle
Steve Edmonds
Matt Taylor's Chain
Joe Robinson
(Smokin Joe Robinson)
Rob Bostock
The Bostocks. view video >>
Dennis Wilson
Kahvas Jute, Swanee ... bio >> , ,
Graham Greene ,
Izzy Osmanovic
Screaming Jets
Bob Daisley
Uriah Heap, Ozzie Osbourne, Gary Moore, Kahvas Jute. view video >>
Rick Fenn
10 CC, Rick Wakeman. view video >>
Darren Jack
Third Degree
Jimmy Lardner-Brown
Killrazor. view video >>
Les Gock
Fess Parker
The Radiators. view video >>
Jak Housden
The Badloves, The Whitlams. view video >>
Martin Cilia
The Atlantics, Dave Warner From The Suburbs. view video >>
Stuie French
The Feral Swingcats, Cash. view video >>
Ray Beadle
Chris Bailey
Steve King
Ron Philpott
Andrew Brodie
Dennis Burgess
Adam Pringle
Mike Smith
Bob Daisley
Dennis Wilson
Bill Chambers
Michelle Rose
Rick Fenn
Stuie French
Angry Anderson
Mick O'Shea
Tina Harrod
Phil Emmanuel
Jake Lardot


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