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GuitarHeroes is the official exclusive Australian distributor for Carlos pickups.

Carlos pickups are handmade in Germany with painstaking attention to detail and recognised by many of the finest guitar players as the world's best acoustic guitar amplification available.

The Carlos brand is world-famous for its performance, accuracy, highest satisfying quality and reliability and the pickups are widely regarded as the 'Rolls Royce' of all acoustic guitar pickups.

Carlos Amplification has been nominated three times for INNOVATION AWARD (2009+ 2010+2013) held by German Innovation award IT in Consumer Electronics, an initiative for the German Middle Market (Mittelstand), chaired by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology.

"Pushing the envelope ... far ahead of its time"
Guitarre Exclusive, April 2001

“Carlos Juan manufactures the best example of tubular under-saddle-style pickup. The pickup sounds better then most, regardless of style … A vast improvement over most ... and it feeds back the least of our bunch.”
Vintage Guitar Magazine November 2007

  • RICHARD BENNETT (Mark Knopfler Band)
  • JAMIE CULLUM (uses one in his Taylor)
  • MARK KNOPFLER (since the Shangri-La Tour)
  • NANDO LAURIA (Pat Metheny Band)
  • JODY RAFFOUL (opened for Bon Jovi)
  • ROBERT RANDOLPH (2004 Eric Clapton Tour)
  • NEIL C. YOUNG (british jazz guitarist)

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    * this list does not imply endorsements

David Knopfler
David Knopfler (ex-Dire Straits) says ...

I'm not any kind of sonic-fidelity expert Carlos, it has to be said, but to my ears I think you've come up with a first class solution here to acoustic amplification!

The Martin feels and plays totally without any of the previous drawbacks amplification had, working perfectly with no hums or feedback too - the kind of quality of balance spread too I'd not expected.

The sound doesn't seem to be coloured in the negative ways most pickups generate.


Serious about your sound? ... you should be using a Carlos Pickup!

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Phone: 02 9527 7905
Mobile: 0406 798 263

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CP-1A VIP Acoustic Guitar Pickup - Top Selling !

This bestseller system uses an undersaddle tubular-style transducer (coaxial-cable type) and active-preamp powered by a single 9V battery. Excellent for Steel-string, Nylon-String, Flamenco, Gipsy-guitar, Dobro, Resophonic or Acoustic Bass.

Absolutely hum-isolated preamp in endpin-jack for live performances or studio recordings, immediate in response to the player's touch, impedance adjusted for direct P.A. line-inputs, extremely feedback-free for venue of any size. 48V phantom protection and space for additional signal source.

RRP $468 - SPECIAL $398 (save $70)

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CP-1 High-End Acoustic Guitar Pickup

The CP-1 HIGH-END acoustic guitar pickup is handmade with painstainkinly attention to detail, each dated, signed and serial numbered. Available in "Carlos", "Eric" and "Vicente" signature models, the later named in honour to Eric Clapton and Vicente Amigo, both owners of same. Other owners include George Benson, Pat Metheny, Mark Knopfler, Roger Hodgson, Paulo Bellinati and many more.

The "Carlos" engraved CP-1 system was installed in Eric Clapton's Black Beauty Martin guitar, named EC & HF (Eric Clapton & Hiroshi Fujiwara) in Stuttgart on March 30th 2004, commissioned by Lee Dickson, Clapton's guitar tech. The "Eric" engraved CP-1 system was later installed in Eric Clapton's 00028-EC guitar in April 2004.

RRP $1237 - SPECIAL $1057.00 (save $180)

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VIP DOUBLE Acoustic Guitar Pickup

BEST of both Worlds: undersaddle coax (VIP) transducer and CS sensor, two independent channels, separate MID and GAIN controls, active sensor compared to passive is more sensible to vibrations and can be fine adjusted w. two controls. Y cable needed, TIP = pickup RING = sensor. This is the system preferred by the great Vicente Amigo, that is offered by Vicente management as a "Signature" Ed. Owners incl. Tomatito, Raimundo Amador, Amos Lora, Diego del Morao, Josemi Carmona, Lin Cortez, Santiago Lara, Eric Hansen, Jim Stubblefield, Ardeshir Farah and many more.

RRP $780 - SPECIAL $670 (save $110)

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Custom Flamenco Guitar System

A combination System. Configuration can be High-End or VIP pickup with added SLY (2 sensors active system) or own mini condenser microphone. Considered to be better then the legendary Crown GLM-100E, much less feedback. 2 mini gain pots included.

VIP + Addition: RRP $923 - SPECIAL
$790 (save $133)
High-End + Addition: RRP $1549 - SPECIAL $1315 (save $234)

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Resophonic Acoustic Guitar Pickup

CP-1A VIP uses an undersaddle tubular-style transducer, active-preamp powered by a single 9V battery. and mini gain pot. Excellent for any Resophonic, Dobro or Reso-Mandolin for any style - (spider bridge) or Tricone, National or Beard or any other brand. Absolutely hum-isolated preamp in endpin-jack for live performances or studio recordings, immediate in response to the player's touch, impedance adjusted for direct P.A. line-inputs, extremely feedback-free for venue of any size. Installation in this type of instrument requires the skill of a professional luthier.

RRP $468 - SPECIAL $398 (save $70)

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The Black Box Limited Edition High-End System

Designed for players and collectors who demand the best of high end acoustics, all systems are serial numbered and limited. Models include "Carlos", "Eric" and "Vicente".

Mini soundhole gain pot included, battery compartment options.

Available in combination with (SLY) sensors pickup incl. preamp, or mini concenser microphone.

RRP $1549 - SPECIAL $1319.00 (save $230)

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