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An Interview with Graham 'Buzz' Bidstrup

Graham 'Buzz' Bidstrup

In his over 40 years association with Australian music industry Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup has been a musician, songwriter, producer, manager and booking agent. His notable achievements include 4 albums with The Angels, co-founder of The Party Boys ( 3 albums) and GANGgajang (4 albums which he co-produced and managed).

Buzz's other work includes over 50 albums as a producer including Australian Crawl‘s Reckless (musician and co-producer), Mondo Rock’s Chemistry (musician), film composer/music producer for Heatwave and Mad Wax; and music director for ABC series Sweet and Sour.

In this video, Steve also talks to Buzz about his latest project, The Dinosaurs, with Mark Gable(Chiorboys), Mark Evans(AC/DC) and Les Gock (Hush). The segment goes behind the scenes into the rehearsal room and provides insight into the band's writing process.


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